Achieve a GCASH Limit of 500K and Get Rewarded at 123JILI Up to P100!

Promotion Details of 123JILI:

Upgrade Your GCASH Limit to 500K:

  • Log in to the GCASH app and use the features to upgrade your limit.
  • Start the upgrade process through:
    1. GInvest
    2. GSave
    3. GCash Link One Account


  1. Fully Verified GCASH Account:
    • Ensure your GCASH account is fully verified.
  2. Approved Deposit Transactions:
    • Must have at least 10 approved deposit transactions.
  3. Matching Identification:
    • The real name on your GCASH account must match the submitted valid ID.
  4. Proof of Upgraded Limit:
    • Provide screenshots showing the upgraded GCASH limit of 500K.
  5. Turnover Requirements:
    • Meet the 3x turnover requirement: P100 x 3 = P300.
    • Applicable only to the SLOTs category.
    • This bonus can only be claimed once.

How to Apply for the Promotion at 123JILI:

  1. Verification Proof:
    • Share a screenshot of your fully verified GCASH account.
  2. Limit Upgrade Proof:
    • Send a complete screenshot of your Profile Limit showing 500K or GCASH Account Limit.
  3. Additional Proof:
    • Share one screenshot of GSave, GInvest, or a linked account (BPI, Unionbank, Payoneer).
  4. Player Information:
    • Provide your player ID, verified mobile number, at least one valid ID, and contact customer service to avail of the promotion.

Guide to Increase Your GCASH Limit:

  1. Full Verification:
    • Fully verify your GCASH account and cash in a minimum of P100.
  2. Link Your Account:
    • Link one of your accounts through BPI, Unionbank, or Payoneer.
  3. Invest in GInvest & GSave:
    • Open and invest in GInvest and GSave with at least P100.
  4. Upgrade Complete:
    • Once completed, your Wallet Limit and monthly incoming transaction limit will be upgraded to P500,000.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Turnover Completion:
    • Players must complete the turnover requirement to withdraw the bonus.
  2. One Account Per Player:
    • Only one account per player is allowed. Multiple accounts using the same IP address, bank account, or contact number are not eligible.
    • Players with multiple or fraudulent accounts will be disqualified from this promotion.
  3. Right to Revoke:
    • The company reserves the right to revoke all bonuses if any member is found abusing the promotion.
  4. Modification Rights:
    • This campaign may be altered or terminated at any time by the firm, which has the right to do so.
  5. General Terms and Conditions:
    • The company’s General Terms and Conditions apply to this promotion.

Contact Us:

For any questions or support, please contact our customer service team through the 123JILI website or app. We are here to assist you in every single stage of the process!

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