Blissful Daily VIP GOLDEN EGG Bonus at 123JILI Up to P88,888

Promotion Details:

  • All VIP and above members of 123JILI are eligible for this promotion.
  • Higher levels receive higher bonuses, with daily bonuses reaching up to P88,888.
  • Complete the requirements to qualify and claim your GOLDEN EGG bonus at 123JILI.

123JILI Promotion Conditions:

  • Members of 123JILI must have at least 10 valid bets to be eligible for this bonus.
  • Required to verify their mobile number.
  • players can claim their rewards every day; missing a day restarts the process.
  • One TICKET may be claimed daily by each member.
  • Turnover requirement: ×3.

Promotion Requirements:

  • The exact bonuses inside the golden egg remain a mystery. It’s rumored that some have received a golden egg bonus worth P88,888.
  • The longer the consecutive days of sign-in, the higher the probability of discovering the mysterious golden egg. Let’s explore together at 123JILI!

How to Claim:

  • Once the requirements are met, your reward will be automatically added to your reward center, where you can claim it directly.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Game bets with promotional bonuses will not receive a refund, but withdrawal turnover will be computed normally.
  • Players can only have one account. Same IP, bank account, or phone number is prohibited.
  • Players with multiple accounts or dishonest techniques cannot enter this campaign.
  • Players who applied cannot reapply.
  • The corporation may alter or cancel this campaign at any time and remove all bonuses if any member abuses it.

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